The Red One

by Mother Fucking Ragweed

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This was recorded in the fall and summer of 2000. Several songs are re-recordings of an earlier demo. Same gear and tone. Alex, Biaggio, and Paul had since joined so this recording captured Bass and 2 sometimes 3 vocals. There are copies with a few more songs out there...some with random music (good times, monday night football) some with us talking as bonus tracks. These files were taken from a CD-R that could not cleanly play the hidden track, Turn on The Pain nor our cover of "PAINT IT BLACK" by the Stones...once we get clean files of this we will upload it.


released January 1, 2000

Joe McKenna-Guitars/Vocals, Alex Phillips-Guitars/Vocals, Aaron Digirolamo-Drums/Percussion, Scott McLung-Low Vocal, Paul Mooneyham-Hi and Mid Vocal, Biaggio D'ana-Bass.



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Mother Fucking Ragweed San Jose, California

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Track Name: Intro/HEFTY BODY BAG
Maggots on your face
your flesh is rotten
when the news is over
you will be forgotten

Hefty body bag
in a shallow grave
insects speed decay
rotting where you lay

garbage day is friday
that will be too late
when I lift the lid
I regurgitate.....
Track Name: Diarrhea 666
from the bowels of hell
comes a sickening smell
Volcanic fury
building inside of me

when its time
molten lava will flow
burning on the way out
stinging with relief

streams of acid
flow like mud
possessed by
Satan's Crud

what goes in
must come out
Track Name: Demonic Terror
Satan Lives in Norway
Frosted hell, evil sleigh
pentagrams, dripping blood
filling cradles with filth

goat whores, triple 6
Iron Maiden, lemmy bumps
metal spikes, corpse paint
blackest metal, Armored Saint

Something evil, this way comes
last house, on the left

Are you evil yet?

how long does it take for you to get all of the corpse paint off?

How cold is the lake?
How morbid is your Angel?
how celtic is your frost?
how brutal is the truth...

you cant cover Venom
you aint in league with Satan
you cant cover Venom
your kitchen is a mess

you cant cover Venom

Burn a cross in your head
Feed the serpent of the Light
carried away with Coroner
in love with Carcass....

Whats that Pungent Stench?
Impaled by Bolt Thrower

you cant cover Venom
you kitchen is a mess

Track Name: Severe Head Trauma